• Centrally located facility close to major highways (M3, M5 and N2 routes)
  • 480m² of temperature controlled factory space with ESD dissipative flooring throughout
  • Modern IT infrastructure and communication facilities
  • Dedicated Quality Laboratory
  • Computer System
  • ZYTEQ operate on the Omni ERP system and MS Windows platform


  • Four SMT placement machines with a combined placement capacity of 51,500 components per hour
    • Juki KE2070 Speed Placer, 18300 cph with laser centring (IPC9850)
    • Juki KE2080 Precision Placer, 16700 cph with laser centring (IPC9850)
    • Yamaha YV100T Speed Placer, 9,800 cph (IPC9850)
    • Yamaha YV100T Precision Placer, 6700 cph (IPC9850)
JUKI SMT placement machine

JUKI SMT placement machine

  • Two Lead Free capable reflow ovens
    • Juki RS1000 10-Zone Oven
    • Heller XLT1700 7-Zone Oven
JUKI Lead Free capable reflow oven

JUKI Lead Free capable reflow oven

  • Two automated solder paste stencil printers with post print inspection and one Speedprint off line printer
    • Juki GL Series Stencil Printer
    • DEK Horizon 03i Stencil Printer
JUKI automated solder paste stencil printer

JUKI automated solder paste stencil printer

  • Eunil loaders, unloaders and pcb transport equipment with complete set of PCB magazines to minimise handling damage
  • Yestech FX-FSL12 inline AOI machine for component verification and soldering quality checks