Project Management

ZYTEQ are able to manage the industrialization of products from concept to shipment of final product. Detailed project plans, manufacturing readiness and fixture design/manufacture can be arranged by our skilled team. ZYTEQ also has experience in tool design and manufacture of mechanical components utilizing reliable and cost effective partners both locally and internationally.

Design for Manufacturing

The ZYTEQ have many years of experience in the design of products to maximise manufacturing efficiency. This leads to lower cost of assembly and improved product reliability. Involving the ZYTEQ team at the early stages of product development can yield important cost and quality advantages.

Test Solutions

The ZYTEQ team are able to provide bespoke test solutions from “bed of nails” test jigs to fully functional final test solutions. In addition, customers who supply their own test solutions can rest assured that their equipment will be well managed and serviced by the ZYTEQ team.

Product Reliability Testing

ZYTEQ have an in-house Tenny Environmental Chamber and can offer environmental testing from -400C to +2000C and relative humidity up to 99%. We can customize test cycles to your specification. In addition, we can conduct Hi-pot testing to 5Kv and can advise on best practice and arrange CE certification of your products if required.

Product Integration

ZYTEQ are able to assemble electronic components into final assemblies. ZYTEQ follow lean manufacturing principles in the process and design of our U shaped assembly cells. This leads to optimized assembly efficiency, improved quality and lowest cost of manufacture.


ZYTEQ are able to supply packaging to your requirements and can assist in the design thereof if required. High quality thermal transfer labels are printed in house and can be customized to customer specifications from a number of standard sizes.


ZYTEQ can supply full assembly work instructions and test instructions to the ISO 9001 standard. In addition, customer parts lists and purchasing information is maintained on the ZYTEQ ERP system with version control to monitor changes.