Component Sourcing

ZYTEQ is able to provide a complete and cost effective material procurement solution for electronic applications. We carry a range of common value, passive components for our customer’s convenience. Our systems are flexible and can accommodate whole and part kitting, or a complete procurement solution. We provide secure management of customer consigned inventory.


ZYTEQ have a dedicated Raw Material warehouse designed for storage of electronic components. Each bin location is identified and stock is controlled on the ZYTEQ ERP system. Customer consignment inventory is segregated and can be easily independently verified if necessary. The area is temperature controlled with ESD dissipative flooring and dry cabinets for opened moisture sensitive packages.


ZYTEQ is committed to meeting customer delivery expectations. We understand that service delivery is critical to our customers. Our computerized forecasting and planning capabilities enable us to accurately communicate expected delivery dates. ZYTEQ aims to achieve an on time delivery to our customers of greater than 95%.